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Carberry Tower

Carberry East Lothian

Carberry Tower built on the Carberry ( Caerbairin) Estate circa 1540 was the lands originally owned by the Monks of Dunfermline Abbey. Over the centuries it has been extended and modernised. This Baronial mansion has had links with royalty for centuries, with the present Queen Elizabeth II regularly staying with her family the late King George VI and her mother and sister Margaret. This is now a luxury hotel and wedding venue. The coat of Arms is of Elphinstone, Lord Elphinstone taking over the estate circa 1800.

Argent, a Chevron Sable between three Boars' Heads erased Gules

A Lady centre,  holding in her dexter hand proper a Tower Argent, and in her sinister hand proper a Laurel Branch 


Carberry Tower Carberry East Lothian Scotland

Carberry Hill Wood

Mary's Mount

East Lothian

A 9 foot (3 mtrs) monument stands in Carberry Wood where Mary Queen of Scots surrendered on the 15 June 1567 which ended in her death almost 19 years later in England.

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Mary's Mount Carberry Wood East Lothian

Mary Queen of Scots


East Lothian

The monument has an inscription that reads: M.R. 1567  At this spot  Mary Queen of Scots after the escape of Bothwell, mounted her horse and surrendered herself to the confederate Lords 15 June 1567.

Mary Queen of Scots Monument Carberry Wood East Lothian