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There are a variety of tours in East Lothian from beaches, hills, villages, towns distillery tours, castles and stately homes. I have endeavoured to cover all areas of East Lothian and for all ages. This page has all the Tours of East Lothian and the next page is tours of all parts of Scotland from the highlands to the southern border.  

There is all types of transport for the tours from taxis, private cars, mini buses and luxury seated transport.

You can have a walking tour or ramble go on a cycle tour (bikes supplied) or horse riding.

Golf History Tour

East Lothian

Scotland's Golf Coast with 20+ golf courses, championship to putting greens. Where the Open championship was played in the beginning and where the film Tommy's Honour was made. The story of Tom Morris Snr and his son winning 4 consecutive opens before he was 21. The first U.S. Open champion and the home of the first open Championship winner Willie Park Snr (1860).  


North Berwick Tour

East Lothian

North Berwick a beach town with harbour, boat trips, churches, ruins, golf courses, shops, restaurants, bars, ruins, two beaches and castles a great day out.  


Village Tour

East Lothian

Village Tours is a journey around many of the villages of East Lothian and their attractions. With over 20 villages and 6 towns there is plenty to see.


Haddington Tour

East Lothian

Haddington the administrative capital of East Lothian, the only thing that Haddington has not got is a beach. There is the Birth Place of a King, a fantastic walled garden, houses, parks, gardens, monument, statues, and included is a visit to the village of Bolton where Robert Burns mother, brother and sister are buried, a memorial to where they lived and the church his brother built. 


Prestonpans Tour

East Lothian

Prestonpans has something for everyone play parks, Totem Poles, Witches, Castles, Battle sites, old graveyards Mural Trail, Mining Museum, John Muir Way World's 6th oldest Golf Course, Gardens, views of Edinburgh and Fife, Andy Scott Sculptue and the expected statues, monuments and plaques. 


Bespoke Tours

East Lothian

Look through About East Lothian and let us know what you would like to see and where you would like to visit. take a half day tour 4 hours or the full day you decide on the time you spend at each place. We will give you a guide to the attractions and come up with a tour you will enjoy and remember for years.   


Aberlady Tour 

East Lothian

Visit Aberlady Village see the motor museum and spend  time at  Aberlady Bird Sanctuary see ship wrecks and mini sub wrecks subject to tide.


Beachcomber Tour 

East Lothian

With 30 miles or more of coastline East Lothian has many Beaches and this tour will take you to most of them giving yo time to walk the golden sands explore rock pools and get the sun. 


Island Boat Tours

East Lothian

There are a number of Island Boat tours available visiting the islands of the Forth.

Cruise the forth and see the islands and wildlife seals Dolphins whales have all been seen on trips as well as the many colonies of birds. Each Island has its own story.


Castles Tour

East Lothian

East Lothian has many castles a few which are major attractions and others that are family homes or ruins.

This Tour will take you to the major Castles and a few of the castle that are lived in and others that are now ruins.

Here are a few to visit Dirleton, Tantallon, Hailes, Dunbar, Preston Tower.

The Bass Rock North Berwick One of the natural wonders of the modern world with a lighthouse and ruined Castle

The white in the photo are birds nesting.

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