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Humbie Village is in the furthest corner of East Lothian adjoining Midlothian and Berwickshire.

Humbie is a small rural village with the Humbie Hub at its heart. The village shop, post office and café are the centre of the village life. Humbie was part of the Barony of Keith and was once called Keith Hundeby.

Humbie Hub East Lothian

Humbie Do'cot

East Lothian

Humbie Do'cot is near the entrance to Humbie kirk. The Do'cot may have stood here for hundreds of years before renovations took place. 

Humbie Village Do'cot East Lothian

Humbie Parish Church

East Lothian

Humbie Parish Church was rebuilt in 1800 but a church has stood on this spot for over a hundred and fifty years prior to that date. The 'chancel' was added in 1932. Memorials in the churchyard include a heraldic tablet of the Borthwicks of Whitburgh of the early 17th century.   The now cottage to the right of the arch hedge once was stables. Further down the road at the Kirk Bridge is where you can enter the Church woods where you have a choice of paths to follow in a loop.

Humbie Church East Lothian
Humbie Parish Church entrance.East Lothi

Broun Family Aisle


 East Lothian

The village war memorial dates from 1921 and was designed by Sir Robert Lorimer. The plaque reads;

This Aisle has been erected by Archibald Broun of Johnstounburn.

" Lieu of the burial place of his family within the church. 

Which in deference to the feeling of the parishioners.

He has now closed A.D. MDCCCLXIV (1864).

And I heard a voice from heaven saying unto me 

Blessed are the dead.Which die in the lord.

Revelations XIV KJV.

Broun Family Isle Humbie East Lothian

Humbie Village

Church Graveyard

East Lothian

Grave Stones memorials Humbie Churchyard

Shield with cross Borthwick on inscriptions, The grave stone which looks like being part of an ancient wall has inscriptions of James Skirven and his wife and children dates from 1644.

Borthwick Cross Humbie Parish Church Eas
Old Grave Stone Humbie Church East Lothi


Children's Village.

East Lothian

Built in 1905 to provide holiday accommodation for disabled children, the village takes the form of a series of arts and crafts style cottages, several of which were named after their generous sponsors, built next to a school-house and dining hall with its impressive bell-tower. The village has been redeveloped and extended as private housing from c.2008.

Shillinghill Memorial Fountain Humbie.Ea

Humbie War Memorial

East Lothian

The village war memorial dates from 1921 and was designed by Sir Robert Lorimer.

Humbie War Memorial Humbie Village East Lothian

Humbie Kirk Bridge

East Lothian

The Humbie Kirk Bridge has been in existence since 1645 when it Was first built. This being the main route from the borders towns to Edinburgh from the south west.

Humbie Kirk Bridge 1645 Humbie East Lothian

Keith Marischal House

Keith Marischal House can be found close to Humbie, built in 1589 by the Keith family. 

William Keith being the Grand Marischal of Scotland was to serve as custodian of the Royal Regalia of Scotland, and to protect the king's person when attending parliament.

Keith Chapel Ruins

The chapel ruins that stands in the grounds of Keith House, has a 19th-century plaque commemorating 

There is an early 17th-century monument to the Anderson family, and the unidentified tombstone of a crusading knight.

It is possible that this is a memorial to Sir William Keith, a companion of Sir James Douglas on his campaign to take the heart of Robert the Bruce to the Holy Land.

Upon the failure of that mission Keith brought back the heart of Bruce to Melrose Abbey, and the body of Douglas to St Bride's Church, Douglas.

One of the many witch trials in Scotland took place at Humbie in 1678. The accused witches were held in the Chapel at Keith Marischal for the evening prior to their execution, which took place at Dow Syke one mile to the north of the house.

Sir Charles Annand Fraser 


East Lothian

Sir Charles Annand Fraser was born in Humbie East Lothian in 1928. His father was son of the Very Revd 

John Fraser MBE. The Moderator of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland in 1958-59. Educated to a high standard he became a solicitor and a partner in one of Edinburgh's to legal firms. from there he has been successful throughout his life. His wife Lady Ann FRaser is a well renowned botanical artist. They have developed one of the top gardens (Shepherd House) in the UK at there home in Inveresk East Lothian.

The lands of Keith and Humbie were held by Simon Fraser of Keith.  Fraser signed a charter in 1191, which could be the first written records of the area. 

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Humbie Woods

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