Scottish Borders Attractions 

Scottish Borders

Attractions and Towns

The main Border towns are situated in the central area of the Scottish Borders.

It will take you around 50 minutes to the main area by car or the Borders Railway train from Waverley Station will take you to Tweedbank outside Galashiels.

 Melrose    Selkirk    Hawick    Jedburgh    Kelso 

Innerleithen     Ancrum     Duns

  Gordon    Lauder    Dryburgh     Coldstream

I have selected attractions from many of the scottish border towns. However for a full guide of all the attractions in all the Scottish Borders towns I have provided a link here 

Scottish Border Attractions

Other Scottish Borders Towns are Coldingham - Eyemouth - St Abbs - Peebles - Newtown St Boswells

Carlops - Cockburnspath - Traquair - Cringletie - Galashiels and many more


Scottish Borders Attractions 

The town of Melrose is in the heart of the Scottish Borders. Melrose is where the Abbey where the Heart of Robert the Bruce is buried.

It is also where at Newstead the Romans built first and main camp in the north. Trimontium was the Roman Camp built in 79 A.D. (the size of a town).  

This is as most Sottish Borders towns is a rugby town with the main exception that it is where the game of 7's rugby began.

Melrose Town centre Scottish Borders Att
Heart Stone Melrose Abbey Scottish Borde
Melrose Abbey Scottish Border Attraction


 Scottish Borders Attractions 

Selkirk is where Sir Walter Scott was the Sheriff for the area and presided over the court house in the town centre. There is also one of six mercat cross that were built in Scotland with platforms for proclamations. See the three Brethren (cairns tht have stood as boundary markers for over 400 years.

Mercat Cross Selkirk Scottish Borders at
The  Three Brethren Selkirk Scottish Bor
Sir Walter Scott Selkirk sheriff Scottis


Scottish Borders Attractions 

The largest of the Scottish Borders towns is Hawick and is the furthest town in Scotland to the sea shore. Renowned for centuries in the textile industry with names of Pringle and cashmere linked with Hawick .

Wool was the heart of this town and there are still many places you can buy great woollens. Hawick a textile museum

and a must see is Wilton Lodge Park with many attractions including a

memorial bust of Bill McLaren the voice of Scottish rugby for almost 50 years.

The Statue of “the Horse” known as Ken Hawick Scottish Borders
Hawick Town Hall Scottish Borders Attrac


Scottish Borders Attractions 

Jedburgh is one of the four Abbey towns of the Scottish Borders. It is where Mary Queen of Scots lived for some time in a  tower house which is now a museum about her. One of Jeburgh's sons, David Brewster was to become one of the most important inventors of all time and the rector of the University of Edinburgh.

Mary Queen of Scots House Interior Jedbu


Scottish Borders Attractions 

Harestanes Countryside Park

and Visitor Centre 

Finding Harestanes, from the A68, at the turning almost opposite the road to Ancrum, take the B6400 (signposted to Nisbet) and take the right turn after about 700m and follow the signs. There is a free carpark. Harestanes is a place for all the family with a adventure play park for children of all ages and great walks and scenery.

Harestanes is on St Cuthbert’s Way, the ultimate walkway from the borders into England 100 Klm (63 miles) of shear bliss. Before starting your walk plan ahead make sure you are well equipped for a long walk. 

Waterloo Monument

Peniel Heugh where the Waterloo Monument 150-foot Doric tower, built over 10 years and completed in 1827 by

The 6th Marquis of Lothian, on behalf of his tenants.

The monument commemorate the Duke of Wellington’s victory over Napoleon Bonaparte at the Battle of Waterloo 1815.


Access to the Waterloo Monument at Lothian Estates Office Bonjedward, Jedburgh Scottish Borders TD8 6UF 

Tel: 01835 862201 Email: To hire the keys to Peniel Heugh/Waterloo Monument visit our office on a weekday to collect them for £5. We are open 8:45am - 5pm Monday to Friday. 

Waterloo Monument Ancrum Scottish Border


Scottish Borders Attractions  

Duns in the Scottish Borders history goes back to the start of the 13th century (1210). here is a castle a museum dedicated to Jim Clark motor racing champion and a cairn to  John Duns Scotus, the most important philosopher-theologians of his time.

Jim Clark Museum Duns Scottish Borders A
John Duns Cairn Duns Scottish Borders At


Scottish Borders Attractions 

Dryburgh is a small hamlet with an Abbey of great significance. There are many things to see in and around the Abbey with Walter Scott's famous view of the Eildon Hills,  and his family grave in the graveyard of the Abbey. A 30 foot statue of William (Braveheart) Wallace and the Temple of the Muse close to the River Tweed. Dryburgh Abbey has many attractions  that include the grave of Earl Haig and an obelisk in memorial to King James I, king James II and Hugh de Moreville. 

Temple of Muse Dryburgh Scottish Borders
Dryburgh Abbey Scottish Borders Attracti
William Wallace Statue  Dryburgh Scottis


Scottish Borders Attractions 

Kelso Abbey ruins one of the four Abbey's of the Scottish Borders. Floors Castle was built in 1721 and is the largest inhabited castle in Scotland.  Home of the Duke of Roxburghe and was the location for the film Tarzan of Greystokes.

Kelso is where Sir Walter Scott went to school when stay with is Aunt. 

The Teviot Smokery and Water Gardens is a wonderful place to stop for a coffee or bite to eat   

kelso Abbey Scottish Borders Attractions
Floors Castle Gates Kelso Scottish Borde
Teviot Smokery and Water Gardens Kelso S


 Scottish Borders Attractions 

Coldstream is a town that sits on the river Tweed on the border between Scotland and England.

Due to Coldstreams location it was the original place where young couples would cross the border to be married. Coldstream has many attractions museums and galleries and located on the English side is the Flodden Battle site, where the Scottish forces were defeated by the English in 1513 where the last King was killed in battle.

The only bridge at the time was the Twizel Bridge that spanned the Tweed

which marked the boundary of the the two countries.

Marriage House Coldstream Scottish Borde
Marriage House Plaque Coldstream Scottis


Scottish Borders Attractions 

Lauder is a small town on the road between Edinburgh and the heart of the Scottish Borders. On the same route

Thirlestane Castle, the Maitland Family home of Dukes and Earls for over 500 years.  A true 16th century castle with its own family ghost haunting chambers. Tour the castle and see this magnificent home of the 18th Earl of Lauderdale.  


Scottish Borders Attractions 

Innerleithen was the Scottish Borders Spa town with a mineral spring of St Ronan's Well.

Close to Innerleithen is Traquair House said to be the oldest inhabited house in Scotland. 

Robert Smail’s printing works in working condition from circa 1900 it is an Industrial Heritage museum.


 Scottish Borders Attractions 

Gordon is the location of Mellerstain House and Gardens is one for the architectural buffs, as it is said to be the finest work of Robert Adam son of William Adam Scotland's number one architect of his time. His son Robert Scottish neoclassical architect, interior designer and furniture designer followed in his fathers footsteps  to be a renowned architect.  Greenknowe Tower classed as an ancient monument was home of James Seton one of the most powerful families in Scotland.

The Bass Rock North Berwick One of the natural wonders of the modern world with a lighthouse and ruined Castle

The white in the photo are birds nesting.

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