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History of Scotland

Scotland is a wonderful place with history going back 8000 years.

The Vikings, Picts, Scots, English and Welsh have all occupied Scotland at one time in history.

Stirling, Dunfermline, Scone and Dunadd have all been capitals of Scotland, with Edinburgh being the present capital from 1437.

Popular Scottish Tours

The Places that have shown most interest to tourists are, the Isle of Skye, Loch Lomond, Loch Ness Inverness, Pitlochry, St Andrews and Edinburgh.

East Lothian has everything the rest have except Mountains.

 About East Lothian Tours

About East Lothian Tours offer you all of the above, but also have packaged tours that show Scotland's beauty, history and birthplace of the famous. Golf History, Castles and wildlife Sanctuaries, Stately homes 

Town and Villages all found in East Lothian. 

Bespoke Tours

The Destination of your tour can be up to you, email where you would like to go, the things you would like to see and I will make a tour to your specified destinations before you arrive. 

North Berwick Tour

North Berwick Seabird Centre About East Lothian

Golf History Tour

Golf History Tour Open Champions Plaque About East Lothian

 Villages Tour

Stenton East Lothian Village Tour
Bespoke tour of Scotland

Bespoke Tours

Beachcombing Tours

Beachcomber Tour Visit beaches in East Lothian

Edinburgh to Stirling


Wallace Monument Stirling Central Scotland Tour

 Islands Boat Tour

Island Boat Tours North Berwick About East Lothian

 Castles Tour

Winton Castle Pencaitland East Lothian

St Andrews Day Out

Scottish Borders Tour

Melrose Abbey Scottish Borders Tour

Famous Peoples Birthplace Tour

Birthplace of the Famous Tour About East Lothian John Wetherspoon

Loch Ness & Inverness

The Great Glen Tour

Perth & Pitlochry

Dumfries & Gretna 

Gretna Green and Dumfries Scotland

What we do for you

Pick you up from your accommodation take you on your

pre-booked tour and ensure you have a good time.

Tours are made to your preferences and can be change on route all tours are priced by time.

Tours can be for a set time or by specified destinations.

We want you to see as much as possible while on your tour.

So more stops less travel time.


The Bass Rock North Berwick One of the natural wonders of the modern world with a lighthouse and ruined Castle

The white in the photo are birds nesting.

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Bass Rock East Lothian